What is your website communicating to visitors?

A website audit will tell you!

When someone says, "I'll check out your website!" do you feel confident that it represents you and your business in the best way possible?

We want you to have that confident feeling!

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Bea and Lizzy

Meet the experienced team who will review your website!
Bea (of Strong Revisions & Writing, LLC) is a professional Copywriter and Editor. Lizzy (of Lizzy Moffett Designs, LLC) is a Web Designer with a background in User Experience (UX).

Why Should You Have a Website Audit?

You'll receive an in-depth review of your site.

From usability to functionality and everything in-between, we’ll give you detailed recommendations so that you can make smart decisions about the content on your site to achieve optimal results.

You'll have information quickly!

It is fast and easy to get started. Once you register for an audit, we'll sign an agreement and begin to review your website. Within a week, you'll receive your audit report.

You can trust us to give you valuable information.

You're getting years of experience when we audit your website! With certifications from the American Writers & Artists Institute, Google Professional Certifications, and CalArts, we are able to provide valuable recommendations! Check out our Testimonials.

You'll have a team that supports you!

You may feel vulnerable asking someone to evaluate your website after you've invested so much time and money on it. No judgment here! We empathize and are sensitive to how you feel. Our first priority is ensuring that your website generates business for you and makes you feel confident!

What Will You Evaluate on My Site?

Several components of your website will be examined:

  • identity, branding and company information
  • use of landing pages
  • mobile responsiveness
  • clarity of written content
  • ease of navigation and site organization
  • use typography and resulting readability
  • link performance
  • graphics, images, video, and audio
  • layout and visual appeal
  • usability of forms and calls to action
  • SEO and meta tags
  • ADA accessibility

What Will I Receive?

Peace of mind! You'll be confident that your site is working optimally for you!

You'll receive a personalized document with actionable steps that you can take to improve your website. It will highlight your website's strengths as well as areas for growth.

You'll have the opportunity to meet with us online to discuss our suggestions and to ask follow-up questions.

If you decide you need additional support, we are available to address potential changes through our joint website revision services or through a la carte offerings. We'll leave the ball in your court; you decide what your next steps will be!

Website Evaluation Cost
Fifteen (or more) page document with actionable items and suggestions

Evaluated Categories: Identity, Branding, Company Information, Landing Page, Mobile Responsiveness, Written Content, Navigation, Typography, Links, Graphics, Images, Video and Audio, Layout and Visual Appeal, Forms and Calls to Action, SEO and Meta Tags, ADA accessibility

Option to schedule a 45 minute virtual consultation to address findings and questions
Mini Evaluation Cost
Five (or more) page document with actionable items and suggestions

Evaluated Categories: Identity, Written Content, Engagement, Navigation, Design Elements, Mobile Responsiveness

Option to schedule a 30 minute virtual consultation to address findings and questions


Amanda Bryant

Amanda Bryant

Inspired Itineraries Travel

Lizzy and Bea reviewed my full website and provided terrific feedback. I appreciated that I received a written report as well as the opportunity to chat through my questions.  A review of content provided direction as I continue to develop my site and the additional information regarding analytics and how they work was very useful.

Joyce Feustel

Joyce Feustel

Founder, Boomers Social Media Tutor

I am so grateful to Bea Aguirre-Strong of Strong Revisions & Writing, LLC and to Lizzy Moffet of Lizzy Moffet Designs LLC for the thorough and insightful audit they did of the website for my company, Boomers' Social Media Tutor. By implementing their recommendations, my website will perform much better and my business will benefit from making these changes.

Steve Visel

Steve Visel

SCVisel Edits, LLC

"Even editors need editors! Bea Strong from Strong Revisions and Writing, and Lizzy Moffett from Lizzy Moffett Designs conducted an audit for my freelance editing website. They provided invaluable suggestions to improve the look and usability of my business website. Tweaking my page was not something I was looking forward to, but their expertise made it a painless process. Simple suggestions, such as breaking up blocks of text, made my site cleaner and easier for customers to navigate. They were empathetic to my needs and I look forward to working with them in the future as my business grows and changes."

Ryall Struyk

Ryall Struyk

Artisan Construction

I had the pleasure of working with Bea and Lizzy for website consultation and couldn’t be more pleased!  They were professional, to the point, and provided excellent advice!  I highly recommend Strong Revisions & Writing LLC and Lizzy Moffett Designs, LLC to all.

Melissa Gaskin

Melissa Gaskin

Pursue Zen

I received a website audit with Lizzy and Bea which was extremely thorough and helpful in making necessary changes to optimize SEO and ultimately make my site more user friendly and easily found online. Lizzy reviewed all points of the audit with me, gave recommendations, and really listened to my goals, vision, and the direction of my business. She was able to provide detailed examples of changes that could be made and options moving forward. I highly recommend the audit process as I now have a tangible checklist and direction on how to improve my website.

Still deciding?

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