Welcome to Lizzy Moffett Designs!

You need a custom website that matches the look and feel of your personal brand. 

A website that is easy to update and maintain so that it showcases your business.

Lizzy Moffett Designs can create that for you.

A screen showing a site I created for a client.
Thrifty Gents' website-viewed from an Ipad
a screen showing a site I created for a client
a screen showing a site I created for a client
A screen showing thesecretgardener.net

Here's How I Can Help You...

New Website

Building websites is not just my job; it's my passion. I strive to exceed expectations, both in design quality and delivery time. I offer a collaborative approach where we can construct a prototype together. Within our first meeting, you'll gain a tangible insight into your website's future aesthetics and functionality.

Website Audits

Be confident that your website is reaching the visitors you want. An audit will reveal what is working well on your site and what can be tweaked to optimize your website. From usability to functionality, my Content Writer partner and I will make recommendations about how to make your site more effective.

Logo Design

Discover the authenticity of truly bespoke designs. Each piece in my portfolio is hand-drawn, with no clip art used, demonstrating the uniqueness of personalized design. Feel free to explore.

A Sample of my Work