Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I hire a web designer?
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Building a site from a template certainly works for a lot of people. But, that's the problem. Template sites all look and function the same! You've put so much time into your business. You deserve a site that really complements you and your business!
Websites created from templates can cost less but you will spend more time trying to make them work effectively for you and your unique business.

Why should I hire YOU?
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You want a designer who will be your partner through the entire process, right? That's my specialty. As a former elementary teacher, I pride myself on my patience and empathy. As a former educational coach, I can help even the most tech-averse person feel comfortable online.
I am also a visual artist with a certification in Graphic Arts from CalArts. I have a User Experience Professional Certification from Google.
When you put all these experiences together, it is clear that I am the designer you've been seeking to help grow and support you and your business.

Why do you use WebFlow?

As a designer, I want freedom to build whatever you want for your website.
I also chose Webflow because it is secure, fast, reliable, and affordable! In addition, it rocks at SEO. If you'd like to read more, check this out.

How long will it take to have my site?
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Once we have all the needed elements (logo, colors and font choices, photos, domain, hosting, and text content) I can build your site in just one week! Yep, you read that correctly!

Do you design logos?
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I do! I actually LOVE this process. I'll deliver a vector image that can be resized without losing quality. You aren't just buying someone else's Canva design, when you work with me!

Will I get to approve my design?
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Not only will you approve it, you'll get to partner with me to design it. At our first consultation, we'll actually take some building blocks and combine them into a prototype. We'll play with colors and everything! By the time, we wrap up that meeting, you'll have a very good idea what to expect from your finished design. Before it gets published you'll get another chance to approve it. It is important to me that you love your site!

What goes into buying a website?
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We'll start with a domain. That is your online address, like "". You can expect to pay around $15 a year to the internet gods for this service.  

Then, every website needs hosting. I use WebFlow to host my sites because I care about speed and security. You're looking at $300, give or take, per year for this.  

You'll provide a logo, wording, any ideas you have, and photos. If you need help with these, I am here for you!

To get an idea what to expect from there, please check out the My Process page.

I'm just starting my business. Can you work within my budget?
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I know how expensive it is to get a new business off the ground. I'd be happy to design an MVP site to get you started. After that, we can add on as your budget allows. Contact me if you'd like to discuss this option.

Still have a question?
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Please contact me or fill out an intake form! I would love to answer your questions!