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Meet Lizzy Moffett

Empowering others to achieve their goals is a deeply rooted passion of mine, be it mastering the ukulele, tackling multiplication tables, or constructing a thriving brand and business.

My journey into website design started back in 2004. As a Performing Arts Director, I found myself needing a website for a camp I was co-directing. With a love for technology and Visual Arts, I took the initiative to learn. Through attending classes, consuming countless videos, and a hefty amount of self-study, I honed my website creation skills. Before I knew it, I was designing websites for friends and family, thoroughly enjoying the process.

The turning point came when I married my wonderful husband, Micah. He saw my passion and encouraged me to follow my dream of owning my own business. So, I pursued a professional certification in UX Design, and in 2022, I launched my freelance website business with all my heart.

Now, I can't wait to combine my diverse skill set to build a website that not only encapsulates your vision but also grows alongside your business.

As the daughter of educators on my mother's side and visual artists on my father's, I like to think I've inherited the best of both worlds. I'm as comfortable creating a striking visual composition as I am imparting knowledge... just don't ask me to catch a ball!"

Design for Social Good

Every website I design carries with it a ripple effect of positive change. With each project I undertake, I extend my services to a deserving teacher, charity, or non-profit by creating a page on their site, at no cost. This is my way of harnessing the power of design to make a tangible difference in our world. If you are aware of an individual or organization that could benefit from this initiative, I welcome your recommendations. Let's collaborate to spark meaningful change!

Software of Choice

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