Building a Website is Like Packing for an Epic Trip

What to prepare before we begin work on your website

Planning a website with me is a lot like preparing for an unforgettable journey. Sure, you could scramble to pack your suitcase at the last minute—or even stop at multiple stores once you've arrived—but your trip is so much more enjoyable when you’ve thoughtfully packed in advance. The same goes for building your website!

Snazzy Photos

  • Your Best Shots: Crisp, clear photos that make your brand shine. Think of them as your online storefront!
  • Product Pics: If you're selling stuff, let’s show it off in the best light—literally.
  • Team Smiles: Real people make your brand relatable, so let's show off those smiles!

Your Words, Your Story

  • About You: Give me the scoop—Who are you? Why are you awesome?
  • What You Offer: Lay it out. What are you offering and why should folks care?
  • High Fives: If people are singing your praises, let’s showcase those testimonials.

Who's It For?

  • Your Peeps: Who are we speaking to here? Let's make sure we're on the same page.
  • Solutions, Not Just Features: What are you solving for them? Let's get that front and center.

What’s the Goal?

  • Your Big Dream: Are we leading folks to shop? To call you? Let’s make that super clear.
  • CTAs for Days: Seriously, let's guide your visitors on what to do next!

A Few More Things

  • Logo Love: Got a logo? Make sure it’s crisp and ready for its web debut.
  • Color Me Happy: Got favorite colors? Let’s splash 'em on.
  • The Fine Print: Stuff like your privacy policy—we gotta include it.

So before we buckle up and start this project, let's make sure we have all the essentials packed and ready. That way, we can focus on enjoying the ride and making your website a destination worth visiting!